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Lovett RV Vertglas Gel Coat Restoration System and RV Maintenance Products

Quality Vertglas RV maintenance products are the best choice for all your RV cleaning and protection needs. Vertglas RV products are 100% guaranteed. Clean and protect your RV with the best!

State-of-the-Art Gelcoat Restoration System

The Vertglas Gel Coat Restoration System utilizes Vertglas Color Restorer/Sealer, a copolymer coating, not a wax or polish, to provide a glossy and protective sealed surface that resists oxidation and fading much longer than ordinary paste or liquid wax - and can be applied just as quickly. With Vertglas your fiberglass will stay glossy and resist oxidation all season long. Vertglas Color/Restorer Sealer can be used on fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and plastic, but is most impressive when used on a gel-coated surface which has Quick & Easy Application
ost its original luster and color due to oxidation. Your RV will stay brighter and glossier with Vertglas.

The Vertglas System removes oxidation, dirt, grime and penetrates into the porous gel coat to seal out air and protect the surface from future oxidation. Conventional waxes and polishes merely sit on the surface of the gel coat and do not seal out air - or future oxidation.

This System, consists of four components that are formulated to work together. The first two, Vertglas #1 Oxidation Remover and #2 RV Wash, remove the oxidation, dirt, grime and prepare the surface for coating. Vertglas #3 Color Restorer/Sealer is applied by simply wiping it on with the applicator. There is no rubbing or buffing! Each coat dries in less than a minute and you can see the shine build with each coat. Vertglas #4 Sealer Remover is used to remove the Color Restorer/Sealer in case you accidentally seal in dirt or oxidation.

Before Gel Coat Restoration After Gel Coat Restoration

Our Kit (which includes the Scrub Pad, Special Applicator, and How-To Guide Manual) contains enough Vertglas to restore up to a 25 foot RV. Once you have applied Vertglas, maintenance is easy. Just clean your RV regularly with Vertglas RV Wash. The finish will stay brighter than if you waxed it every month. The next season, just wash your RV and apply another two coats of Color Restorer/Sealer to refresh the shine.

Gelcoat Restoration System

If your gel coat is faded, oxidized and chalky, and you are tired of waxing your RV every month or just watching it fade throughout the season, this state-of-the-art Gel Coat Restoration System from Lovett is what you are looking for.

16 oz. Vertglas #1 Oxidation Remover
8 oz. Vertglas #2 RV Wash
16 oz. Vertglas #3 Color Restorer/Sealer
8 oz. Vertglas #4 Sealer Remover
4" Special Applicator
Scrub Pad
How-To Guide Manual

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